my world inside a glass
Martell Cordon Bleu Extra accompanies myself through the hours of my day, my travels, my life. Enjoying a glass on the train travelling to my next venture, with some friends later on the evening at a hotel lobby, with more friends even later at the club. A single glass can tell a whole story.
daily extraordinary that enriches my life
In this series of pictures shot from above, we will feature a glass of Martell Cordon Bleu Extra at the center of the picture, in different light and sound environnement, indicating us where and when the picture has been taken. The liquid reacts to the sound, while the pulsating blue light passing through creates an alternate version of the key visual inside the glass. Nothing else is moving. For a nightclub format, environment will be dark, with neon blue lights reacting with the deep and bass sounds. For a hotel bar, environment will be warmer and more amber, with a tinned blue light, reminding us the bar counter, slowly moving as time passing by... Each picture will have 2 versions, one very graphical with no other element than the glass and one with objects around indicating the place our consumer is. 
side notes
Linking key visual with consumption moments and social best practices
Mixing sound and moving images on social networks allows us to anticipate on facebook new policy (sound will no longer be muted by default) and to create immersive capsules that anyone can recognize himself into, a real pause into our frenetic scrolling. These formats can be sponsored / posted at the exact time of the moment they stand for, for a better impact and affinity with our audience. They translate into our audience daily lives the key visual beautiful and extravagant set up.
Multimedia and impactful formats for enriched social experience
As said above, these formats are taylored for social networks. Inspired by the graphical codes of instagram favorite lifestyle pictures, they will hit our audience right. They are the perfect cinemagraphs, graphical and creative. They can be easily teased, easily shared and be a gate to people commenting on their own experiences and consumption moments.
mysterious and exciting
Like looking to a keyhole to discover a whole new world
rich and complex
As the lights of a star
lights and life
Lights of passing landscapes on a train, blue lights of a club, steelish lights of a lobby bar
a refined art de vivre
A deep and diffracted soul in a glass
a social and curious life
renew this year favorite format, cinemagraph, for more impact