Inspired by optical illusions revealed by a moving grid, dioramas that showed new worlds to a captive audience, zoetropes that magically became animated figures and sceneries, we wanted to show the extraordinary experience that is waiting for you in Martell Cordon Bleu Extra bottle.
main intentions
The extraordinary inside the bottle reveals a new facet of your world
The bottle will be use as a light diffractor by itself.
In the center of a installation of overlapping and faceted mirrors, bottle will turn while we send lights thought its amber liquid, hitting the mirrors and thus spreading its colors all over the place. This initial setup and formats will be developed in various ways using video projection mapping. Created by 3D artists, patterns inspired by the whole Martell Cordon Bleu Extra's world will be projected along and diffracted through our mirrors, showing the extraordinary experience waiting for us inside the bottle. Always turning in the center, Extra bottle is the star our formats.
A powerful installation mixing contemporary, digital and traditional techniques
By creating a specific set, arty installation of mirrors, we show craft and tradition. Using video mapping and 3D, we make our way into avant garde digital techniques at core of the world to come.
formats and networks
Showing the diversity of the extra experience
Using video projection mapping, we will show diffracted macro elements of ingredients (tasting notes), eyes, lips (focusing on all senses), places you can drink Cordon Bleu Extra, moments of the days (with their specific lights)... That means for each topic a specific article on wechat, gifs, loops (back and forth), beautiful images and micro videos for instagram, making of video...
Elegant and contemporary
enriched and beautiful
augmented and digital
consistency with brand values
revealing a new reality
consistency with product and key idea
liquid creating illusions spreading from the bottle
affinity with audience
new discoveries to enrich perception
digital impact
strong stories to tell